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Posted at 7:55 pm on 02/10/2015 by Bierman

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As you could see from our last entry, we are now open Saturday until 5 PM.  Nobody wants to look at a full dumpster, whether it's at a construction site or at a residential job site.  Please call us or text us if you need a dumpster pick up, switch out, or a new can dropped off for that matter.  This will make renting dumpsters a more pleasant situation for everyone involved.  We can effectively accommodate more contractors and home owners this way, and you in turn will not be wondering. "when are those Melbourne dumpster rental dudes coming?"  We don't want to disappoint you, and you don't want to disappoint your clients either. 

Call us or text us when your dumpster is full or you are through with it,  In most cases we can be there to pick it up on the same day.  We look good when you look good, and debris isn't good to look at.  When you leave a text message or call, please remember to give our dispatch team your address and/or dumpster can number. 

We are excited to see the growing amount of contractor work here in Brevard county.  And we look forward to continuing to service your needs.

-The Express Roll-Off Team

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