10 DIY Dumpster Rental Projects adding value to your home

Posted at 6:21 pm on 04/01/2015 by Carrie Bierman

It’s tax refund time!
  And time to concentrate on a laundry list of projects around our biggest investment- our homes.  home renovation can be overwhelming and create unwanted waste.  Express Roll-Off Dumpsters is here to help you dispose of your project debris.  If you’re unsure on what size dumpster to rent 
we can help, we’re just a phone call away.  We want to to make your dumpster rental easy.

We’ve helped by ranking the following Do-it Yourself projects to add the most value to your home. 

10.  Junk Removal – It sounds easy and obvious enough; yet this project can be daunting; especially without the right tools.  One would be you’re key disposal and motivational tool- a 15 yard dumpster De-cluttering your residence can be tedious and overwhelming but the end result is rewarding and far better than being mistaken for a one of the hoarders we see on A&E Television.  Your garage, closets, and attics tend to be the catch-all for unused or unwanted junk.  Anything not dumpster-worthy can be sold on eBay or in a yard sale on Craigslist.

9.  Tree Trimming and Landscape installation - If you can no longer see your house anymore, and it's shrouded by trees- time to rent that dumpster and trim away obstructive limbs and palm fronds.  Landscape maintenance and tree trimming will not only add curb appeal to your home, but will keep bugs away and add life to roof.  Afterwards your transformed house will look like it belongs on Better homes and Gardens

Attic Insulation replacement -  Here is something we hardly ever think about, except maybe when we receive our FPL bill.  Replacing old insulation that is discolored and not energy efficient will greatly reduce potential water damage and save on heating and cooling bills.  Energy Star can give you a free evaluation.

7.  Add Pavers to that old driveway, walk way, lanai, or pool deck.  A trip to Lowe's or any home improvement store will convince you to tear out that old concrete.  Renting a dumpster for concrete tear out is a must when tackling a project like this.  A 30 yard dumpster is what you will need for most brick paver projects.

6.  Install Real or Engineered Wood Flooring in your home - Replacing flooring will immediately add pizzazz to your residence.  Many of the big box stores like Home Depot have samples to choose from.  Wood is relatively easy to install also, but you will need a dumpster to dispose of your old flooring; whether it be- carpet, linoleum, or tile.

5.  Remove Popcorn Ceilings or Wood Paneling on Walls - Today's Homeowner wants an updated look.  Nothing dates your residence more than seventies or eighties finishes.  Express Roll Off Dumpsters is now open on Saturdays for those of you who start to pick at those walls or ceilings just before the weekend. 

4.  Open Up Your Home - Not to guests necessarily, but that is fine too.  Either Tear Down a Wall, Convert your Attic into a Bonus Room, or Add a Skylight.  Not only will these relatively simple fixes add light or square footage to your property, but they will also add dollars.  Did you know that adding a closet in a room such as bonus room makes it count as an additional bedroom?  Realtors love when a homeowner adds value to their residences. 

3.  Give your bathroom a facelift - Do-it-yourself Network shows eager homeowners how to update the bathroom and make it worthy of the word "master".   Be sure you have a 15 or 20 yard dumpster from Express Roll Off Dumpsters scheduled before you begin to tear out old shower tiles, vanities, and flooring. 

2.  Re-Roof
- Are your shingles looking 2-D instead of 3-D?  Time to replace them then.  WikiHow can shown you how to do this yourself.  Be Certain rent a Roll-Off Dumpster online with Express before you tackle your tear-off. 

1. King Kitchen - Give your most showcased and lived in room in the entire house a much deserved update.  My British girlfriend designed her kitchen herself through Ikea.  Or there are plenty of youtube instructional videos on how to renovate your kitchen. 

Whatever the caliber of your renovation project, we are here to assist with your DIY dumpster rental needs at Express Roll Off Dumpsters in Melbourne FL

Thank you for reading and continuing to support us.  Your feedback is valuable to us- tell us how we did.